Sarasin Landscape & Irrigation, Inc. was established in 1987, originally as a Landscaping company.  In 1990 I began to offer lawn sprinkler installation and service.  The irrigation grew 
rapidly in the 90's and I decided to concentrate solely on lawn sprinklers the year 2000.  I presently service several hundred irrigation systems.


From day one my business philosophy has been to do it once and do it right, install a system like I would if it were my property.  The system is designed to provide double coverage and use top quality components.  Most contractors will use similar equipment but often there is a wide difference with the sprinkler head layout and/or the number of sprinkler heads used.During the bidding process the consumer is obviously looking at the "bottom line" price of an installation.  May I advise you to compare what you are actually getting for your dollar.  For example, a sprinkler system with 20 sprinkler heads for $2,000 is not as good a value as 30 sprinklers for $2,500.  Twenty sprinklers will not cover your lawn as well as 30 sprinkler heads.


As a Certified Irrigation Contractor and more importantly as an experienced installer I have learned that a poorly designed system after the initial installation to achieve double coverage will be far more costly than installing it the right way the first time.


Many irrigation contractors love to do the install but don't respond to their customers when they need service.  I take great pride in providing my customers with dependable, timely service.  A well-maintained system will provide optimum water coverage and efficiency.


In closing, I hope you will seriously consider Sarasin Irrigation, Inc. to install and service your sprinkler system.



,Bob Sarasin, Proprietor

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75 Klondike Ave.

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